30 Day Premium Content (Navigating a Changing Economy Plan)

30 Days of Premium Content designed to cover topics related to the changing economy. The mortgage industry is dynamic – like the economy. This is content that will provide value to your prospective clients and give them encouragement for their individual situations.



30 Days of Premium Content designed to cover topics related to the changing economy.

Professionally written copy and unique designs, created exclusively for Broker Life Socials members! Using extensive personal experience in the industry and wide-ranging research, the content is generated specifically for those in the mortgage brokerage business!

Professionally Designed Graphics & Ready-to-Post Copy (Text) for Facebook and Instagram

Graphics are individually generated and edited, meaning no generic stock photos! It’s as easy as copy and paste! The professionally written copy is given to you complete and ready to post on your social media platform.

Trending Hashtags & Researched Keywords

The copy is written to incorporate the latest trending hashtags and keywords that are commonly searched for in the industry. These are chosen based on volume, intent and value that generates higher optimization!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Total of 30 Beautifully Designed Graphics
  • Total of 30 Professionally Written Copy (Posts) with Researched Keywords & Topics That Match Graphics
  • Researched and Trending Hashtags
  • Exclusive Content That You Can’t Get Anywhere Else
  • Unique Content Tailored Specifically For New Brokers & Agents
  • Professionally Designed Graphics For Facebook & Instagram
  • Ready to Post Copy (Text) to Accompany Graphics
  • Extensively Researched & Proven Keywords
  • Top Trending Hashtags for Brokers & Agents